About - Larry McGill

Larry McGill

North Carolina Photographer and Journalist

As a professional journalist, I feel it's in my best interest to learn the tools of my trade. While I write almost daily-- I don't have much of an excuse to use a camera in my professional life. My decision to pick up a "prosumer" camera is a well calculated purchase with a few goals in mind. Namely to learn how to use photographic tools to tell a story. However, I'm also glad to have a new hobby and possibly new means to make a little side money (if not start a new business). 

My Perspective

My goal every time I release my shutter is to capture a scene most people don't see in front of them. Seeing the lights, lines, and curves of the world in a way most people never bother to think about allows me to capture visually striking images from what is otherwise mundane.

Photographing Subjects

When someone puts themselves in front of my camera, I want to capture them in a way they haven't seen themselves. I'm looking for candid, genuine reactions that capture a moment in the person's life-- not just an image in their likeness.  It's my hope the image will uplift that person after seeing themselves in a new light. I also aim to showcase objects in a thoughtful and creative way. That object, although inanimate, should have a sense of presence-- not just a prominent position in a photo.

Growing My Presence

For now, this website serves as a repository for my work. As I grow in photography, my website will grow in what I share and the services I offer. Hence, I plan for my site to be a constant evolution of my art and work. I'm always looking for advice and critiques on what I can/should be doing. Feel free to contact me via email or social media.


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